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Peter M.
. . . Recovered!
AA Speaker from Union, NJ


Peter M. was an enlightening AA Circuit Speaker at the Spring Alcothon held at the 24 Hour Club on Lyerly in Houston, TX on the weekend of April 4, 5 and 6, 2008. The line-up of speakers was amazing!

Peter's message was one of being recovered. He spoke about how he practices the program today in a way that is so inspirational, you have to listen to it! "I suit up and show up because I know what the alternatives are. Saying "I am recovering" is under-estimating the power of God!"


One VERY Powerful message!

The entire Alcothon 2008 11 CD Set is also available here and includes the following speakers:

Dawn F. of League City, TX: Dawn F. was the first speaker at the Spring Alcothon and really good!  Dawn F. of League City, TX talked about the men she used, because she "used alcohol and drugs, and used men too." She was really peppy and funny and we really identified with her story. She had children who went through her addiction with her and shows how she got to a place of peace around what she put them through. Great talk!

Peter M. of Union, NJ: Peter M. was an enlightening AA Circuit Speaker.  Peter's message was one of being recovered. He spoke about how he practices the program today in a way that is so inspirational, you have to listen to it! "I suit up and show up because I know what the alternatives are. Saying "I am recovering" is under-estimating the power of God!"  One Powerful message!

Mickey B. (of London, England) now of Santa Monica, CA: Mickey B. was a very clever and funny AA Circuit Speaker! Mickey B. is known in AA for being from London, England originally and living in California and hating everyone INCLUDING FOREIGNERS!. Mickey B. was such a hit, he kept going and making the audience THINK, LAUGH and IDENTIFY with his acronyms and sayings. We just love what he has to say about what Powerless and A Bottom really is!!!  This is a 2 CD Set because his talk went for an hour and a half! WORTH IT!!!

Wino Chuck of Baytown, TX:  Wino Chuck had a very colorful story! A survivor of one really rough childhood, Wino Chuck tells how he had nothing and then everything and yet, he still could not stop drinking until he finally gave AA a sincere try. He had gone to meetings for years while drinking because his father was in the program, but he never took it seriously. When he did, he recovered! What a beautiful story of courage and a real example of what AA can do!

Pat V., Al-Anon, of Houston, TX:  Pat V. was a great Al-Anon speaker at the Spring Alcothon!  Pat V. of Houston, TX talked before her husband, Rito. She grew up in Alcoholism and was always getting between her parents when they fought. She married and had alcohol and drugs continue to be a big part of her life. She has a great story and shares real intimate details about what it was REALLY like being married to Rito. She made us tear and laugh at the same time! Great story!

Rito V. of Houston, TX:  Rito V. of Houston, TX talked after his wife, Pat (see Al-Anon CD's) and the two of them shared really intimately with us. What it was really like growing up in Alcoholism and how drugs and alcohol and the criminal life that went with it, kept them from knowing that they really did love each other. Rito was carrying shame and fear and healed it with the help of his program friends, the 12 steps and some great sponsorship.

Micki B. of Bryan, TX:  Micki B. was a funny and very inspirational AA Circuit Speaker.  She was a lady who lived at the bottom & who dragged her children through alcoholism and drug addiction and criminal behavior and consequences only to have her life do a complete 180 in the program! She is a walking miracle and example of what can happen if you work the program! She says, "Thank GOD I don't get what I deserve!"

Wayne B. of Santa Monica, CA:  Wayne B. was a popular AA Circuit Speaker!  Wayne B. is known in AA for his workshops and talks on "Emotional Sobriety" and was asked to come and tell his story. His bottom was living in a dumpster. He has a great story! Wayne is a very funny and inspirational member of AA. His message has helped many people get real recovery.

Ed B. of Houston, TX:  Ed B. from Bellaire, TX has over 19 years of sobriety. He has an interesting story of what life was like in his addiction as the local TV Weatherman! With humility, he shares why he believes he became an alcoholic and how AA changed it all for him!

Lin C. of Houston, TX:  Lin C. is a lady who has started AA groups and ran a half-way house for women. Her story is fascinating!


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Peter M
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25th Hour Alcothon Set
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